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India is a large country that is just one-third of size of the United States. There are various incredible sights to seen in India. To the east, tribal territory.  To the west, desert. To the south, Beaches. To the north ,Himalayas. In the world India has been always counted as a culturally rich country because of its unity & diversity. Indian culture considered as the oldest any very interesting culture of the world so it gained lots of popularity all over the world. India has several states culture in India is everything such as way of people’s living, inherited ideas, beliefs, social customs, attire, language, festivals, traditions, food habits, rituals, values, gentleness knowledge.

India is a vast land having several of religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Christianity. In the world all religions and regions have their own tradition and customs. It has rich knowledge of science and Music. In India there is various tourism places are there for which people from whole world come to India to know about our culture and Tradition. The travel slogan of Indian tourism is “atithi devo bhava” which means “guest is god”. Indians consider it a huge honour to have a guest in their home, they always treat guest as a God. According to that the foreigner who came to India is God for Indians. We Indians are specially known for our hospitality across the globe. Respect for elders is the key of Indian culture. Indian people having purity in mind, body, speech, thought, word and deed which is vitally important for us. We believe in various spiritual books like Mahabharata, it teaches us to stand for the truth even if our own relatives standing against us.

India is a place that everyone from the world should visit once in their life. India is very inspiring and refreshing for everyone. Many people from various countries come to India to learn about Yoga, meditation they stay in ashram for relaxation of their mind. Visitors are always wonder after seeing the magnificent architecture work , and it varies so much where ever they go. Top Monuments of India which visitors must visit are Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar , Charminar, India Gate , Konark Sun Temple , Gol Gumbaz and many more. Indian food is very delicious. Each region or state of India has its own style of cooking and separate flavours.

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After having won many archery competitions, the town champion sought out the Zen master.
“I am the best of all,” he said. “I did not learn religion, I did not look for help from the monks, and I have been considered the best archer in the whole region. I heard that some time ago you were the best archer in the area, so I ask you: did you have to become a monk to learn to shoot arrows? “No,” answered the Zen master.

But the champion was not satisfied: he took out an arrow, placed it in his bow, fired, and hit a cherry at a considerable distance. He smiled, as if to say: “You could have saved your time and just dedicated yourself to technique.” And he said:
“I doubt if you can do the same.” Without demonstrating the least concern, the master took his bow and began to walk towards a nearby mountain. On the way there was an abyss that could only be crossed by an old rotting rope bridge that was almost falling down: with the utmost calm, the Zen master went to the middle of the bridge, took his bow, placed an arrow, aimed at a tree on the other side of the gulch, and hit the target.

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